August 24th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Fireborn: Berries and Stories

Fireborn begins here. Thank you to the people who have subscribed to this story so far.


Orchid went over the names of the lakeborn girls in her mind as she picked berries. Fin, with her high-finned fish tattoo. Pebble, who was Fin’s sister, as Orchid had guessed. The girl with brown skin and seaweed tattooed across her shoulder was called Tide, and a green-skinned girl a little older than Pebble was Seaweed.

She frowned. She’d gotten laughed at when she called Tide ‘Seaweed’, which rankled, even though Tide had smiled and explained that her tattoo was the picture for high tide, rendered in water plants. She was determined to get their names straight. She popped a berry into her mouth. There was one more—she looked around.

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