August 25th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

"You don't grow hostas for their flowers!"

Well, maybe YOU don't. 

My Angel adopted the area between our house and the fence along our property line as her shade garden, and came in one day telling me about the neighbor who was laughing at her for saying she likes hosta flowers.  So, neighbor-guy, you may laugh at us, and we'll laugh right back atcha!

Oh--and no one steals these flowers!

Of course, there's a fence guarding them...and they're not near the sidewalk.

musical kitty

Djinni made me a Dragon!


djinni  (formerly known on LJ as ninjahijinx) periodically does a "free icon" day, with an open paypal button for donations, and a limit as to how many free drawings he will do unless a specific goal is reached.  Recently, he offered to do an icon or a dragon, and if you wanted a dragon, you gave him three words as a prompt.  The prompts for this dragon were storm, rage, and rainbow.  Isn't it cool?

Oh, and he also did my musical kitty icon.

He's also doing a Dracula comic, and periodically shares other art on his LJ.  Go check him out!