August 30th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Seven Things Make a Post

Fireborn: I have a new sponsor and a repeat sponsor! Yay! And I'm only $3 from posting the next chapter early.

Creative Process: There's a great discussion going on in my recent post about creative process, and whistle languages, and whale-song-like or other underwater languages. 

Wizard Story:
The wizard story that a few of you beta-read for me was rejected by the anthology. Now to figure out where else to send it. Suggestions welcome.

I'm gaining followers, and one of my late-night haikus was re-tweeted two times. And it lead to me finding a new reader for Fireborn. Maybe more--but one took the time to tell me she likes it.

Oh, the haiku:  Remember bedtime ~ Trying to loft your blanket ~ As a pirate's sail?

Garden: Somebody stole my almost-ripe tomato from my "little tomato that could". They left the almost-ripe boring tomatoes on other vines, or at least most of them. *grumble*

Oh, and the mints are blooming, and the bees are very happy.

Cooking:  I have been harvesting the male squash flowers, mostly after they've closed.  If I'm not cooking them (they're good breaded and fried, but I've also put them in other things) or adding them to salad, they go in the refrigerator right away.  

So, I was making a chicken dish with the veggies on hand, something reminiscent of chicken cacciatore, and I cut the flowers open, and here was this curled-up bee.  "Poor dead bee" I thought, and put it aside to look at later, because My Angel and I are geeks.  When I returned to it, after eating, it was wiggling it's legs!  The poor thing had just gone dormant in the cold refrigerator.  I returned it outside--the world needs bees!

Herbs:  The hibiscus are in bloom.  I never liked hibiscus in tea (and Celestial Seasonings uses red hibiscus a lot in tea to give it a pretty color) but we have friends that do, so I'm harvesting and drying those flowers too.  I'm wondering what it would be like battered and fried, like squash flowers.  Anyway, found two bees in those flowers, not the same species.  Put them outside too.

Oh, and I almost forgot:

Art:  I have some in-process photos, but I have to decide if I'm using that painting as a torn-world contest project before I can share them.