September 3rd, 2009

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Fireborn: Truths and Rumors

New readers--Welcome! This is the latest installment in a sponsor-supported serial called Fireborn.

The first chapter of Fireborn, Wings on His Fingers, can be found over here. And there's a link at the end of every chapter leading to the next, so you don't have to scroll through my whole journal to read the story! (Or you can use the table of contents here.)



After lunch, Orchid asked Mist to go walking in the woods with her. They were barely out of sight of the people of Sturgeon School when Orchid stopped. “The girls told me everyone’s afraid there’s a secret fireborn in town.” And she poured forth all the gossip she’d heard, both before lunch and sitting with the girls and boys at lunch. Mist listened carefully, this was first time she had had a chance to get anything resembling a coherent account of why these people thought there was a fireborn among them.

Lights, colors, fish swimming in pictures, sudden weather—there was cause to be suspicious, but nothing clear, nothing pointing to any specific person. And if you discounted the woman who always had headaches, nothing at all to make her fear that anyone was in danger. She listened very carefully, asking questions. “Thank you. You did right to tell me all this.”

Orchid beamed. “Do you really think there’s a fireborn?”

“There could well be—and if there is, he or she is probably about your age, or a little older”.

“Why my age?”

“You’re about the age that fireborns start to develop the talent.” She was so used to hiding, it was automatic to speak of fireborns in third parson. Them, not us.

“Oh. That would be weird, I think. I mean, I’ve always known I’m windborn.”

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The next chapter is here:  I'll Show Her!

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