September 4th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Fireborn -- footnotes, of a sort

When I was first writing the chapter titled Firey Sunset, I had a particular picture in mind.  I took it back in College. 

I took a lot of sunrise photos then, since I was working on the student paper, which was a daily.  And sunset photos too.  With two small lakes on campus, a lot of those photos were over water.  I was in charge of placing stories and headlines (and continued tags and everything else) on the pages.  It was a late-night job.

That makes it...older than I really want to contemplate.  Anyway, when it came time to post that chapter, I couldn't find it, and so used a photo from my trip to MOONCon this year as a substitute.  But I really wasn't happy with it.  It was far from Fiery.

However, I have now found the photo!  And I went back and edited it into its proper spot in the story.  (-:  And just 'cause you folks are special, I'm copying it here.  It's one of the photos that made someone with a real camera, with 35mm film and filters and light meters and all, tell me I was lying when I told them all I had was one of those disc cameras. 

I'm still really pleased with this photo.

The photo on today's chapter is from a trip to "da UP" I took in 1989.  This photo is from 1979.