September 6th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Creative Moon

I've been foggy all day, despite which I managed more than 1000 new words on Fireborn.  Though now I have a hole in the middle, I've been writing Mist's viewpoint, having left Orchid flying into the middle of something interesting...

I also went searching through the directories on this computer and my two flash drives looking for a rewrite of a short story that I did about a year ago; had an insight into how to improve it, but didn't want to revert to the version that's about 10 years old!  Of course, it was in the last place I looked (things always are), but pity I tried looking in the bigger flash drive first, since it was on the smaller one...

I won a pdf copy of GUD Magazine, started reading the first piece, and my brain free-associated from that imagery into something different, definitely more dystopic than the stuff in the Fireborn world, and I have nearly 1000 words in that short story.  I do plan to get back to the magazine, and do a review for them (free stuff deserves a useful thank-you) but I want to solidify this story in my mind first.

I'm working on getting more stuff out in what is still, unfortunately, currently a rejection-collection project.  If the nature of the results change, I'll be sure to let you know.  I'm still working on getting to know the current markets, figuring which ones are a good fit for what stories, especially the online ones.  At least response time is much faster than it used to be, when all submissions went by snail-mail.

In other news, I have been taking pictures of a painting in progress, however, it is destined for the second Torn World contest, which is entered anonymously.  As a result, I can't share it with you until after the contest is over and the results are announced.  But I'm making slow progress on it, mostly while TV shows I want to see are on.  Though My Angel teases me that I don't "watch" TV, I just listen to it, especially when I'm painting.  I would have made more progress today if they had shown both parts of the Dr. Who story...but I have to wait until next week for that. 

As far as process thoughts go, I find it interesting that last week's interview with the agency, with all its tests and paperwork, and no actual job that they might find for me on hand, disrupted my creative flow a lot more than the actual job interview this week did.  When I do get a day job, I'll doubtless have to cut back on blogging to hoard time for the actual fiction writing, since cutting back on sleep isn't helpful! 

But I am determined to keep working on Fireborn.  Just so's you know.