September 12th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Fireborn: I'll Show Her!

New readers--Welcome! This is the latest installment in a sponsor-supported serial called Fireborn.

The first chapter of Fireborn is Wings on His Fingers. Feel free to click over to there if you haven't read the earlier chapters yet.  There's a link at the end of every chapter leading to the next, so you don't have to scroll through my whole journal to read the story (unless you want to). You can also use the table of contents.



Orchid flew long and hard, into the wind, high up to where the air grew thin and cold. She wondered which of her mother’s friends was fireborn, and how she could tell, if they didn’t tell her. It just wasn’t fair. She hadn’t been so angry with her mother for—for months, at least. Not since she realized her mother wasn’t eating while she was so busy tending the fever outbreak in Chasm Town.

With her wings all stretched out and starting to feel just a little bit tired, she was at least feeling less angry. She turned around and coasted on the wind, letting it push her back toward the little encampment. She’d just have to show her mother she could be trusted. But how? She wanted something important, something more satisfying than just bringing her mother food.

Orchid thought, hard, about everything her mother had said. If there was a fireborn, about her own age, it was an easy bet that she—or he—wasn’t going to admit it. Not to any adult, with the Mayor acting like all fireborns were as chancy and dangerous as hisa-wasps. But to another kid, one who could fly them safely out of town? Yes! No longer tired, Orchid surged back toward Sturgeon school.

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