September 18th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Flash Fiction: Deep Dreams

Anne woke from the nightmare, dreaming again of Joyce spinning through space, ever so slowly running out of air, while she sought the EVA suit in vain.

She felt a cold draft, and opened her eyes. She was snugged safely in her bed-net, in her cabin on the Intrepid. "Release."

The net loosened, and she swung herself into a sitting position, still impossibly chilly. "Computer, status--environmentals."

A screen appeared on the wall, soft grey-green statistics scrolling. Everything looked normal. "Run diag--"

"Don't bother. Nothing's wrong with our ship."

Anne turned, staring at the wall where she was painting Joyce’s memorial. A grey, see-through image of her dead partner floated there, legs tucked securely into lotus position. "Not funny. But who..."

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