September 28th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

I am Evile!

suricattus hath said so!  Does that not make it true?  After all, having read her books, and very much looking forward to reading more of them, I'd say she knows evil when she sees it.

However, this leads me to ponder the significance of a moment, and the significance in numbers, and other random and non-random things. 

I know that some of my friends would say that significance is only what we make of it--that me being someone's friend no. 666 on Facebook (especially on Facebook) is only significant because she posted about it, because she made it significant.  I suspect others would disagree, and say that some things (though probably not being somone's 666th friend on Facebook) do have significance, that they aren't random even though they might seem random.  For instance, I know a number of people on my friends' list read cards.

So, ontologically, which seemingly random things are significant?

This would be an easy question to solve if I was the protagonist in a story--
the writer could make of it what he or she wanted.  But in real life?

Are we the writers of our own stories? 

Can we always decide what's significant and what isn't?