September 30th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Challenges are good

But they can be time consuming!  If I hadn't got sick last week, it would have been done sooner.  Oh, well, it's off to a beta reader now.

Now I can get back to my regularly scheduled writing. Which should mean I can get to more Fireborn tomorrow!

In the meantime, the purple ruffles basil is flowering.  In this picture, you see them in front of some sage, and chocolate mint in the background.

And, sadly, leaves are starting to fall from the first trees to turn, which means it's time to seriously start harvesting herbs and drying them.  And hoping that the first frost holds off for quite a while, since I've a bunch of green tomatoes, and they're SO much better if they have a chance to get ripe.

Tomorrow, I get to take my kid to a mandatory parents & kids meeting for her driver's ed class.  Am I really ready to have a kid who can drive? 

And parent-teacher conferences the next day.  At least being out of a job means I can show up before most other parents will be able to, which means less time spent in line.  A lot less time.  That, at least, is a good thing.

And of course, there's bill paying to do (I've been scheduling payments just before the start of the month; if I do it all at once I figure I'm safer than if I try to remember as they come due), and more job hunting, since there was almost nothing when I checked yesterday. 

I really wish this economy would recover, already! 

Also, I've been corresponding with people about doing panels at Chicago cons, and explaining crowdfunding to them.  Maybe I'll get to do a panel titled "What the Heck is Crowdfunding, and Why should SF Fans Care?"  If so, I'll be looking for other panelists.  And I should put together a handout--are there crowdfunded projects that aren't on the crowdfunding community's list, that any of you know about, that I should include?