October 2nd, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

I hath tweeted

And got this review from @Dragonflae:

Her #haiku 's spin off and float away into the sun. Bright yellow, this poet @Wyld_Dandelyon #followfriday

In a week when no one commented on my new chapter of Fireborn, this was particularly cheering!

Now, I have to reread the sf-horror script that's due tomorrow and send it off, and write something for #fridayflash. 

And I'm trying to work on drying herbs in the meantime, and this slide-out extra desk space won't slide back in, won't slide all the way out, and is in my way.  The peg that won't let it slide all the way out is refusing to budge; it must be glued in.  I don't want to break the dumb thing, it's useful.  And when it's loaded, the peg is useful.  But I want it to WORK. 

I guess I'll re-read @Dragonflae's tweet.  Much better for my mood than contemplating this desk.