October 20th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat


Today I had a job interview; I won't hear from them for a week at least, since my interview was at the first available slot on the first day of interviews. So now I wait. This job would be problematic since everyone else in the firm has health insurance through a spouse. Hurry up, Congress, and pass real health reform!!!

Yesterday, My Angel and I went to a local graveyard to take pictures. We got there only a little before sunset, but spent a good bit of time wandering around. My Angel got tired of me being somewhere else when she saw a good picture, and took some too. :-D

I'm hoping one will give me good inspiration for a Halloween #fridayflash piece.

Other pictures were taken with Fireborn in mind, or for general Fall color.

Some of the gravestones were quite interesting. This one has some kind of animal; most of the ones that had a little animal on top were lambs, presumably the Lamb of God; this one is obviously very worn, but reminded me of a polar bear more than anything else. No way to be sure, I suppose, after all this time.

And I had to switch to the phone's memory for pictures midway.  I guess I have to dig out the adapter and move all the photos on my phone card.  It's full!  Eep!

I also went and got a new cork board; I gave my old one to my daughter a couple of years ago, since I wasn't using it. Well, I'm trying to keep track of magazines and contests and the like, and while I don't want to duplicate Duotrope on 3x5 cards, there's stuff that is much easier to look at all at once!

I used to have a couple nice rejection letters pinned to the old one; I know I didn't throw them out. When I find them again, I'll re-pin! (And scan.)

I should get back to my sparkly sea-serpent story.  It needs a climax, yet, and an ending, and while I know roughly what those will be, they won't be at all unless I write them.  And it needs a title!

And then, I get to write about the mess Orchid is about to get herself into, though she doesn't know it yet.

Oh, and we now have enough leaves falling to start to mulch the roses.  The leaves are free, which is definitely an advantage.  However, they don't all land piled high around the roses by themselves! 


I leave you with a fall colors photo from a shopping trip.

The photo with the gravestone shaped like an arch is by My Angel, the rest are by me.