November 1st, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Some Days are Frustrating...

Silly cape-making follies left me exhausted, and I hit the pillow early last night, slept a lot, woke for breakfast, and started falling asleep again. So I went back to bed. Woke feeling much better, and tackled the flash fiction piece I was doing for #fridayflash and Brigit's Flame.  (How the heck do you get a community tagged as such using the html?)

Got that done and tried to post it; had too many technical difficulties and headed out for the Lytheria Halloween Party late and very frustrated.  Talked with people and did music, which was good, though some stuff I wanted to do in honor of it being Halloween I normally do on autoharp and I had only the guitar--one instrument is enough to drag into a monster party, and I didn't have time to tune the autoharp before the party anyway.  Did pretty well on those, though.  Left feeling much less frustrated, to hurry back and re-read my entry to the Torn World contest, polish it, scan the art, and submit it.

And I couldn't find it anywhere. Not in this computer or the ancient one upstairs or on either USB drive.  I found other stuff I'd wondered if I still had, but those words appear to be totally lost.  Sigh.

So instead of starting NaNoWriMo, I rewrote the whole thing.  (Why waste a perfectly good piece of art?)  Still, it's not the same.  Maybe better, maybe worse (most likely a bit of both), but not the same. 

Hopefully, I redid it in time, though with the Daylight Savings Time change and the differences in time-zones, I'm not positive about that.

So now I'm reading on twitter people's 2000-3500 word NaNo brags and feeling frustrated.  And tomorrow I have to take the girl to a meeting, which will tie up my time for probably several hours. 


Then I turn to my e-mail and find other stuff to talk about.  But it doesn't fit the theme of this post, so you'll have to wait for the next one!
Creative Joyous Cat

...And Some Days are Rewarding

Stuff I found in my e-mail:

My story, DEMM Wizard, is now published in Issue 12 of Crossed Genres magazine.

You can visit the website and read it there, or buy a copy (print, kindle, PDF, or PRC).  And look at the whole cover--the art is gorgeous!  I like this vertical ad better than the banner one. 

Also in my e-mail was an acceptance letter for one of my poems, Under a Fey Moon, for publication in the November issue of EMG Magazine.

This issue also appears to be available for viewing and subscriptions now.

So that makes two publications appearing in one month! 

Nothing's perfect, of course. 

I haven't heard from Vampyr Verse whether they're accepting or rejecting my poems, though I thought they were to be publishing for Halloween.

And I got a rejection letter for another short story. 

Oh well, I sent it out again.  And paid the bills that are due in the first couple of days in the month. 

I'll be on several panels at Windycon, so it's really cool that I'll have a couple of print copies of Crossed Genres by then.  They will be:

Clacks and Clanks -- making your (steampunk) world's technology unique
Steampunk and Magic -- how the magical and mechanical can combine
Doing the Science in Steampunk -- how can you do the science in your stories well, if you're not a scientist
Nonverbal Communication -- other ways aliens might get their point across

Can you tell that they have a Steampunk theme this year?

Anyway, if you want to accost me with your musings or questions on any of these topics, there's a whole bunch of empty virtual space provided below, just for you.