November 5th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Farewell Kitties

My feral cats appear to have vanished. I haven't seen them in several days.

I'm pretty sure someone else was feeding them too, so I hope they are with loving people, and were not simply caught by the authorities. At least they were healthy and looked good, and were at a point where I was comfortable that if I gave them away they could bond with a human person or family. Though, of course, a kitty that's comfortable with being picked up in a calm, familiar situation may still seem totally wild after being captured and tossed in a scary cage. But all I can do at this point is wish them luck.

Good luck, kitties.  I miss you.
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Creative Joyous Cat

Flash Fiction: The Power of Pastry

Annie clutched the slice of wedding cake to her plump bosom. No matter how tempted she was, this slice wasn’t for eating. At least, not until tomorrow. She reached into her purse for the ziplock baggie that had held her lunch cookies, and slid the cake into it. Then she placed it resolutely into her purse—getting squashed wouldn’t hurt it any. Not for her purposes, anyway.

Besides, it was a great party, with plenty of other food. She partied until long after the lucky couple had left for their honeymoon, then went home to her lonely efficiency apartment.

She pulled out the cake and opened the bag. It wasn’t as squashed as she expected, and her stomach rumbled. Resolutely, she added one petal from the rose Maria had given her, out of the bride’s bouquet. Maria was slim and pretty; it was no surprise she’d caught it. But she was generous to her friends too, she gave everyone a flower, “for luck”.

Then Annie got out her grandmother’s Book, checked the directions again. She chanted the nonsense syllables, breathed into the bag, sealed it, and placed it under her pillow. Then she laid down, willing herself to dream, to see her own future husband.

Again and again her thoughts wandered, but Annie refused to get up for a snack, or to let herself daydream about cute musicians. She focused on that bit of cake, on herself in a wedding dress. Her thoughts became disjointed, but the images of the cake, the wedding dress, kept flitting through them.

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