November 12th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Where'd the Time Eating Monster come from?

I wanted to get the next installment of Fireborn done today, but I woke up with a headache, and though it's finally mostly gone, I wasn't much good for creative things all day. I did get various necessary but dull stuff done--cleaning out my purse and entering receipts into my records, checking for more places to send job applications (and found a few, including yet another one that required me to type everything in my resume and then some into their online form), and stuff like that.

Yesterday was another day of little time for creative work. I spent the afternoon picking my kid up from across town, ferrying her to the doctor and pharmacy (just a sinus infection), and dropping the crabby tired child at her father's place. The evening was spent on errands, useful, but not much time for writing. The last one was to be getting my meds. I got there, realized I didn't have the $10 coupon, and despite being behind on everything I'd planned to do yesterday due to mom-ly duty, I went home to get it. (No job means ignoring that kind of coupon is really not an option.) When I went back again, I ended up standing there for at least 45 minutes while the clerk tried to figure out how to enter the thing into the pharmacy's computer, tried to tell me I couldn't use it for the prescription because the prescription was a refill, went off to talk to the pharmacist, and finally called a manager, who said to go ahead and give me the $10 off my copayment that the coupon promised. Then there was still more typing to enter things into his computer and then he took my meds off to the side where I couldn't see him to do something else to it or with it before he could finish ringing up my purchase. Now, every penny counts, but by the time it was all done, the savings was a very unimpressive "hourly wage".

Yeah, all this is part of normal life in this modern age, but why did I have to get a big clump of time-wasting stuff during NaNo and the week before Windycon? It wouldn't have been so bad if I'd expected it to take more than an hour and had taken something useful to do with me! And I still have to either get the art-show bidsheets and control sheet done before I leave Milwaukee or hand-write them at the con, before my 4:00 panel on Friday.

However, I do have some better news--I have a job interview tomorrow, so I'd best get myself off to bed.