November 24th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Memage -- names & symbols

1. My username is wyld_dandelyon because... Well, when I started this journal, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, and I thought I would want a place that was somewhat private. But what I've actually come to value about it is having a way to connect to people and share my creative life with people. But that's why I picked a name that sounds obscure.

Dandelions have always been one of my favorite flowers, flourishing wherever they are, strong and vital and stubborn. And wyld--well, I wanted a place to live as large as I can. Wyld reminds me that most of the limits people would have you believe are firm really are not firm at all. The breadth of my imagination and the strength of my will matter a lot more than all the people who think it's not worth trying.

1a. I like the name well enough that I've used it elsewhere, Twitter, NaNoWriMo, and Torn World, for instance. If you can't find me under my mundane name somewhere, try this one.

2. My name is Deirdre because my parents wanted a pretty name of Irish heritage. Happily they chose an unusual name, since I like it that way.

Moira because my mother had to choose between her given middle name and her maiden name when she got married; if the first letter was the same then a girl wouldn't have to make that choice, she could have the best of both worlds.

And Murphy because I came to see that my ex was consistently acting as if it was more important that I was "Mrs. X" than that I was me. And I went along with it for too long, losing touch with many things that are very important to me. When I got divorced, I took my original last name back, promising myself to keep it as a reminder that I must never again allow someone in an intimate relationship to treat the me as if the role I fill in their life is more important than my health, my dreams, my life.

3. My journal is titled Dandelyon's Worlds because it has become the showcase for many of my creative efforts, from the very real world of my garden to all the worlds of my imagination.

By the way, I'll answer to Wyld or to Dandelyon, but Dandelyon is really the primary part of this name, for me.

4. My friends page is called Clearly the Butterfly Effect Rules Here because I never know what I will find there. I love having friends who write, who draw, who make music, who are interested in space, in making their own glazes or dyes, even in growing the fungus that they found on their neglected pumpkin pie. I love having friends who share pictures and comics, science experiments and recipes. I love having friends who live very different lives than I do as well as friends who live similar lives. But mostly I love having friends who are passionate, who are interested in living life fully.

5. My default userpic is a picture of me taken at the pirate-themed Capricon by beige_alert . I use it because I love purple, because I REALLY appreciate seeing actual pictures of the people I correspond with (I have to cudgel faces into my brain repeatedly before it sticks and I know some of the other people I correspond with also have that difficulty), and mostly because the picture is one of the best anyone has taken of me recently.

The userpic I use most often after that is the wonderful wildcat-wizard djinni drew for me. He didn't really plan it to be a user icon, but it's just too cool not to show off regularly. And it also reminds me of the me I want to be, creative and strong and powerful.

In other news--writing: for people keeping track, I had another productive writing day, and am now a whole ten words past where the NaNoWriMo website thinks I should be (today's cumulative goal is 40,000 words). I wanted be much farther along by now, but I think I've finally gotten past the most frustrating stage, where I kept having to stop and grope around for threads that I just didn't have in hand yet. I sure hope so, anyway! I know every story is different, and only a very few flow out the fingertips almost like I'm reading the story. And I know that I learn more from the stories that I have to stretch myself for. But when you're in the middle of a hard stretch, you keep wishing for the other!

Oh, and I'm still Google-ing odd things; the most recent search was: "What does a frustrated skunk sound like?"