December 3rd, 2009

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Fireborn: Private Conversations

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After nearly everyone had left the meeting, Mayor Eel walked over to Mist, offering her some fruit.

“Are there possibilities you haven’t mentioned yet, Healer?”

“There’s one that I wanted to mention to you privately.” She spoke very quietly.

Lotus had not appeared to be listening, but nodded at her, then handed a basket of fruit to several children. “Here, take these, and make sure the other kids get some too.” She quietly followed them out of the sunshade, leaving them alone.

“I’m listening.”

“It’s always possible that someone wants to get rid of a rival, or get revenge for something. Many lakeborns know the plants woodborns use for fishing, for instance, and hanging crystals in the sun causes colored light to play on the water. Anyone who knows your feelings about fireborns could have decided that framing someone as a fireborn would be a good way to get you to banish them from the town.”

His toes dug deep furrows in the sand, though he kept his voice low. “You think one of my people is using me like that?”

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