December 11th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

#scifichat Reminder - and - I hate suddenly plummeting temperatures!

I have a beautiful old Victorian house that had been in a state of deferred maintenance when I got it, and haven't had money to fix all the things that it needs, much less bring it to a modern state of insulation. So when the temperature plummets suddenly, the furnace lags behind, and it's not warm inside. It's far from freezing, but it's not shirtsleeves-comfortable. And I'm not as far along on making the insulated drapes I've been working on as I wished, though there are pieces of warm material being cut, and cut brocade, draping the dining room table.

So I'm sitting here in sweat pants and a coat, eagerly awaiting #scifichat, which starts in about an hour. Today, the plan is to do worldbuilding for a shared-world anthology, which will be open to submissions by speculative fiction writers who use Twitter.

It's from 2-4 p.m. Eastern Standard time, which is 1-3 Chicago time.

I hope I like the world we create!

In other shared world news -- Torn World is getting closer and closer to being open, with stories and art available for reading and enjoyment. And Ellen made a comment that there will be extras for people who join before New Years; I don't know the details, but you can check out ellenmillion 's journal for links and stuff. I'd go look them up, but I want to get this reminder out in case any of my friends want to join in the chat.
Creative Joyous Cat

One Card Draw today

Miintikwa is doing a one-card-draw today.
I got mine: "For you, also the High Priestess- initiating you into her secrets, showing you the path into the temple, the hidden curtain into the inner sanctum. Follow your intuition and let your instincts guide you as you transition."

Seems like a good card, whether it's for my job search, my money woes, or my creative endeavors!
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Flash Fiction: Coyote's Explanation

So, a few weeks back there was this news story about a coyote who got himself stuck in the grille of a car.

And[info]ysabetwordsmith asked how Coyote was going to explain that to Raven and Jackrabbit.

Raven! Jackrabbit!
I'm so glad to see you!

It was a nice, straight, smooth shortcut,
nothing to worry about really, just some of
those silly human constructs on it occasionally.
And it worked, though not exactly the way I'd
planned--miles and miles of desert gone
in mere hours, while I curled up in a nice
cozy warm nook and napped.

If getting back out of the contraption hadn't
been so hard, or if the humans hadn't locked
me up, and distracted me with three delicious
meals a day and room service and everything
a guy could want--they even cleaned up after
the--you know.

Anyway, I'd have had plenty of time to case
the whole City before Callie arrived if they'd
just let me go. As it was, I kept thinking, this
is the life, and it wasn't until the day Callie
was meeting me that I realized I had to
figure a way out.

So now I've got this scrape all down my
leg, and Callie is choosing the restaurants
and casinos, and teasing me for being a
slow-poke because I'm limping along
instead of bragging about how I've been
here for days, and spending my early
winnings on presents and stuff for
her . . .

Do you think you could give me a loan,
just a little one, so I could buy her some

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