December 15th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Yes it is! No it isn't! I guess time will tell.

Got one of the scenes that I had in my head yesterday, while sitting up and typing just wasn't an option, typed up, and a bunch of its aftermath. 4587 words. Now I'm tired.

I still need to go through and write up my index cards for the chapters, and then put them into order. I've been resisting doing that, and not sure why. Maybe I need more of the end written before I'm ready to do that, though at the end of November I thought I needed to do that to get to that more-of-the-end writing.

What--I didn't click on the "post this" button already?

Apparently I got distracted by 330 words of that other scene that I was planning, though it's not going the way I imagined yesterday. Not at all. Not yet, anyway. My female lead insisted on asking questions, being more interested in the intellectual puzzles than the personal ones (at least for the moment) and thus diverting the scene. And making me think that the prologue, which I had decided was probably part of a totally different story in the same universe, might actually be the prologue after all.

Huh. Go figure.

Now I want one of those widget-thingies. 55,570 and counting.