December 20th, 2009

Kitty by biohazard_blade

How Wonderful!

I have new art! biohazard_blade  made this new icon, and buymelove  made me this wonderful monster in celebration of finishing finals!


I'll be using the kitty pulling out her hair image as an icon too.  This will be a good thing; I didn't previously have a good frazzled icon. 

And now I have to clean house.  We're having a small Solstice gathering tomorrow night.  Any of my friends are welcome to come by and say hello, if you give me warning.

But I had to take a moment to let people know how much I appreciate the new art!

ETA:  What the heck is it with LJ eating my paragraph breaks????

This post was originally written IN LJ, and posting it I lost my paragraph breaks.  I had to edit it to get them back.  What the heck????

(new mood:  Frustrated!)