December 29th, 2009

Disintegrations and Defenestrations! by

Kittens don't belong on keyboards!

One of the cats I'd been taming came back a few weeks ago, just before it got to be terribly col outside for a few days, and we brought her in, keeping her in the rear vestibule unless I was holding her or had her closed into one room. Well, while I was in Chicago over Christmas, my daughter's cat figured out he could push any of the pocket doors open to give her the freedom of the house.

And she likes to have me hold her and love her, and sometimes is perfectly willing to lay on me and purr or watch the cursor while I do things on the computer. But other times she wants to play too--need I say that her paws are not typing the things I want typed?

And My Angel reminds me we really don't need another cat.

Never mind how funny it is watching the half-grown kitten chasing and pouncing on the large intrepid male cat, tiring him out enough that he's not getting into much that he shouldn't.

Or that she purrs a lot for me and isn't making my allergies miserable.
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