February 28th, 2010

Creative Joyous Cat

Good News and Bad News

The best good news, of course, is my friends filkart  and ithiriel  got married, and the ceremony was beautiful, the music circle after was a lot of fun, the kids were well-behaved, the dresses were beautiful, and I didn't screw up the music I did during the ceremony.

So, that absorbed my Friday night and all of my Saturday.  Then there was a meeting to take my girl to, and taking her back to her Dad's, this time with her cat, to see if her cat and his would get along.  I'll hear more about that later.

And the very pregnant Momcat whose kittens I was taming all summer suddenly got very friendly and let me carry her inside.  She's now segregated in a room of her own, with food, water, sand, and a pre-made hidey-hole.  Though we covered the couches in there too, just in case she doesn't approve of the place I made for her by the radiator.

My other good news is that I have a temp day job.  They didn't get the confirmation until late on Friday, so I'll get to fill out final paperwork while on the clock tomorrow.  It will last two weeks, or longer, depending on the medical leave situation of the person I'll be filling in for.

The bad news, of course, is that I'll have less time for hanging out on the net and writing to you all.  I'll have to be really careful of net activity to keep writing.

So, if you see less of me for a while, that'll be why!

Now I've got to go sleep.  *sigh*  I like my late nights.