March 4th, 2010

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Fireborn: Whispers, Worries, and Woes

Before I head to bed, to be rested for the temp job, I wanted to get this posted.

For my new friends and readers,
Fireborn starts here.


Over the next day, people started returning from the searches Eel had sent them on, mostly empty-handed. One surly man had a couple of samples of herbs that were so clearly different from the drawings she had made that even the children laughed at him. This did not improve his disposition, but after he was introduced as Crab, Mist had to guess that, perhaps, nothing would.

Still, she listened to his report, and all the others, treating each obviously half-hearted member of Eel’s search parties with careful respect.

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I love to hear from my readers.  I hope you'll take a moment to let me know what you think.

And thank you, again, to my patrons. 

flying wizard closeup


So, as you may remember, over the summer I was trying to tame some feral kittens and their Mom. Though the Mom let me touch her, leaving me convinced she'd had humans at some time in her life, she wouldn't let me get two hands on her, or even one solidly, much less pick her up. Well, as is the way of stray Momcats, she was pregnant again over the winter months. And she got very wide indeed.

And a few days ago, she started purring when I petted her, and sniffing my fingers, and letting me touch her with both hands. Thinking it would be much easier to tame kittens if they were in my house, I picked her up and brought her in.

She spent two days being freaked out, but when nothing bad happened and I brought good food, she returned to sniffing my fingers and purring when I petted her.

And today she had her kittens, at least four of them. I'm not sure if she's done, but she let me pick them up!! The giant pale thing in the pictures is my hand.

And after picking up and petting her babies, I petted Mama, who purred!  (Of course, she appreciated the canned cat food  and fresh water too.)

I'm pretty sure I have them pictured in the order of their birth.  This one here--the darker of the browns-and-white ones, I actually saw being born.

I'm not sure how I managed to get two pictures of all but the black and white kitten. 

But I turned off the lights in the room they're in, so I'm going to let Mama sleep.

At least one of the kittens purred for me too!

And now I had better get my #fridayflash piece posted.  One of my nice surprises this week was a sponsor for the next sequel to Feather-Blessed.  So I had to write it!

And then sleep, so I can try to finish the monster file-sorting job they had me tackle at my temp job.  (There's a reason lawyers have assistants; the ones who don't remind us of these things.  Eventually.)

A joyous night to everyone!
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