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Perhaps I should say D is for extendeD Deadline for the Torn World critter contest (May 1st), but really, I should have done C is for Critter Contest yesterday. Never mind that I did a C post here and then a second C post over on DreamWidth (C is for Coyote)  I meant for the Coyote bit to cross-post, but apparently in the muddle of resetting passwords I couldn't remember after losing my hard drive, I un-linked my two accounts.  I'll fix that this weekend, I guess.  But in the meantime, if you like songs or poetry, or if you have an affinity for Coyote, you are welcome to go peek at one of my absolute best songs, Coyote Afoot.  For best effect, imagine me singing it to a group of Pagans.

So, anyway, D is for Daydreams.  Maybe because it's Wednesday, and I had work and errands today and have work and errands tomorrow.  Maybe because there was a big lottery jackpot recently, and I wasn't one of the winners.  I do always daydream when one of the lotto drawings is really big, though I start with boring stuff like paying bills and fixing up the house.  But wouldn't it be lovely to set up a trust to pay for my daily bread, health insurance, and the like, make sure my kid doesn't end up to her ears in debt after college, and be able to focus on storytelling and making beautiful things, whether they're evanescent like music or more durable.

The dreaming, once I get going, doesn't stop when the numbers roll out and don't match my ticket.  Then I might as well get grandiose.  What would it be like if I could fly, or breathe water?  What if I could sense electric fields or taste radar?  What if...

I find myself itching to open a word wars chat room a let my imagination free, my fingers dancing on the keyboard, a new story growing in front of my eyes.  I want to stay up until the first draft of the story is finished or at least until I can't prop my eyes open with toothpicks despite the bright sunshine streaming in the windows.

Sadly, I have to respect the fact that it's bedtime, I have to be at work (and awake and intelligent and ready to juggle phone calls and figure out screwed-up medical bills or whatever else is needed in the moment) at 8:00. 

I guess, for tonight, I'll have to settle for D is for Dreams.  The restful, restorative kind that happen while a person sleeps.  And I'll have to settle for enjoying the while the sun is below the horizon. 

Too bad I can't type in my sleep.  Some of my dreams are pretty cool!

The day job is a good thing, and I like it.  But I also like letting the muse catch me up in inspiration and diving into an imaginary world, ignoring the passage of time in this one, until I've pulled a good serving of it into this world where I can share it with you all.

So here's wishing you all good dreams and fantastic daydreams.  Perhaps we'll find each other in one of those otherworlds some night--or even some day!


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Apr. 5th, 2012 02:11 pm (UTC)
I hope your dreaming was fabulous!
Apr. 6th, 2012 05:29 am (UTC)
I was quite, quite, oblivious to the worlds, outer and inner. :-D
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