January 15th, 2017

Creative Joyous Cat

Work in Progress: The Spirit of the Plants

During a past Sketchfest, I had a bunch of bright colors mixed for another painting and rather than waste them, I sketched a flower garden. I'm not even sure whether I uploaded the sketch The canvass sat there for a while, not inspiring me.

I had a bit of blue and white paint left over from something else last week, so I picked the painting up and painted the sky in behind the flowers. It's amazing what a difference that made. There is a shadow on the canvass in this picture, which is partially obscured by the watermark.

The line from a song came to me: "The spirit of the plants has come to me in the form of a beautiful, dancing green woman."

There's a lot of detail to do still, and clearly some things are missing altogether (for instance, she needs hair), but it's a start.

Comments are welcome!

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