February 2nd, 2017

Creative Joyous Cat

Kids at Play - work in progress, detail pics

So, I'm still working on the Capricon Challenge painting. I now have a goat and part of a child-satyr. She did have a face, but it was out of proportion with the body and not very good, so I've painted over her poor face.

She looks very awkward and sad this way, but the covering paint has to dry quite thoroughly before I try again or the background will blend into her skin tones, so she'll have to wait a bit for my new attempt.

The goat isn't too terrible, I guess.

I tried to find a spot where my shadow didn't fall on the goat; somehow that led to a much greener picture than we got for the kid, though I took the photos within a few feet of each other. The colored plastic shades on my lights must have more effect on the light than I realized!

I also dropped my brush and got paint on my skirt, a thing I normally manage to avoid. It (the skirt) is nothing special, so I didn't drop everything to go wash the paint out, but still, it's annoying. I'm used to painting in clothes I love without painting them--a much easier thing to do with real acrylics than with wall paint acrylics, I should note. That stuff is diluted for easy spreading and to still be spreadable if it's open to the air for hours and hours. So it's not really that impressive that I don't normally get painter's art acrylics on my clothes.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I can get the girl done, or at least more done, and start adding at least one imaginary (or not so imaginary) friend.
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