September 5th, 2017

Creative Joyous Cat


Today, life is no focus and too much time in the bathroom. Probable culprit, by timing of onset, is tasting a bit of "the very last bottle anywhere" of a friend's most favorite wine ever.  Maybe two teaspoons worth.  *sigh*

I have a calendar note to start Full Moon readings today; I've moved that reminder to tomorrow morning. I have No Spoons today, and the GOP's attack on so many young people who had no choice in being brought to this country, people who just want to work to make our country great, well, that doesn't help me to feel any better.

In better news, while out Pokemon raiding Saturday, some of my fellow raiders found a queen bee and two males "busy" on the sidewalk, and once people were ready to stop filming them, I slid a piece of cardboard under them and moved them under a nice, bushy bush so they could continue without being stepped on.  I admit I was nervous to bother them--I really don't need a bee sting--but they totally ignored me except to grab onto the cardboard so I had to leave it with them.  (Sorry to the homeowner, for leaving cardboard under your bush!)  I hope by now they've found a nice safe place to start a hive.  I like flowers, thus, I am strongly in support of keeping our wild bee population healthy and numerous.

Oh, and when your GPS says it'll be faster to not take the expressway into Chicago on a holiday weekend, it's wise to listen. The drive will be much more pleasant.  And if you happen to stop near a tiny, nondescript country church and use the Pokemon app to help you reset your bluetooth's volume, you might catch a dratini.

I look forward to feeling better and reading cards tomorrow!

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