December 2nd, 2017

Creative Joyous Cat

Full Moon Readings

I've been busy.  I made a Patreon Page, but what with conventions and Thanksgiving and so much else, I've had the start of a post telling people about it hanging out on my computer for days.   So there's a couple of posts (one free and one for supporters) there that no one  has seen or commented on, and I have no patrons at all yet.  

I also have started to figure out all the things I should do before I close my LJ account. 

And I won NaNoWriMo, finishing a young adult novel and starting the sequel.  I also rewrote the prequel, though I didn't count that toward my word count. 

And I called my congress critters. (Shame on my Republican Senator for allowing a vote on an unfinished and unread bill!).  I even managed to catch Ho-Oh.

And now I'd better pay bills and sign up for healthcare and make my lists (and check them twice) and...lots of stuff!

So I feel reasonably accomplished, and yet totally behind too!  Oh, well, such is life. 

And here it is, the full moon again.  It's allegedly the "Cold Moon", though it's been in the 50s out during the day.  Climate change is no joke, folks.  

But still, it's the full moon, and so it is time for readings.  New friends and old are very welcome.

About the readings,

You can simply ask for a single card (with the usual clarifying card for people who tip). The guitar case below is my personal PayPal link, featuring my own artwork, which still inspires me even though it isn't Tarot-related.

I am also offering a five-card reading for $25, or if you want a larger reading we can discuss costs. As always, a signal boost will allow you to ask for a clarification card on some part of this reading, if you wish. Alternatively, for at least $10 you can ask for a Torn World reading and get an in-character reading set in Affamarg or the Breidalam Mountains using that world's standard layout for the divination disks.

Regardless of the length of the reading, you may ask about real life or a creative project, even for a character you play in a game. I can draw a card for you to meditate on, to represent the Guide you need right now, or to get you unstuck. I can draw a card for your protagonist or villain, or can draw a card or cards for you to use as writing or art prompts, and I can modify a more-traditional five-card spread into a prompt for a story focusing on plot or characters or a little of both. Or I could do something completely different.  Let me know if you have any particular request.

For free one card readings, you can pick from the Brian Froud's Faeries Oracle, the Daughters of the Moon Tarot (one of the round decks), or the Shapeshifter Tarot. If you don't pick a deck, I might pick from any of the decks available to me.

The first card is free (though tips are always appreciated). Paid readings, short or long, also let you ask me to use any of my other decks, including but not limited to my combined Susan Seddon Boulet Animal Spirits and Goddesses cards and my Fantasy Showcase Tarot deck where each card was done by a different science fiction/fantasy artist.

Tipping can also be used to request a private reading.

Signal boosts are very much appreciated, and also earn you the right to ask for a clarifying card. (If you only signal boost, please do not ask for two cards to start with. A clarifying card, if the reading is unclear to you, is fine.)

I understand all too well that when people don't have cash or spoons that is generally when they most need inspiration. Don't be afraid to ask for a card if you can't tip.

When you tip, it's helpful to me for you to mention it here so I can connect your Paypal information with your request. Tips should be at least $2 (Paypal charges fees). If Paypal doesn't work for you, drop me a message and we'll work something out.

I've written before about why I do readings and about some of the decks I use here, feel free to hop over and check me out. I'll wait.

I will reply to all requests. In the highly unlikely event that the number of requests nears my limits, I'll close this card draw by changing the status line below rather than risk leaving anyone without a response.

Thank you, and Blessed Be!

Status: Open to free one-card readings until I go to sleep Monday night (which will doubtless be well after midnight) and open to tipped readings until this status message is changed.

As always, these readings are for entertainment and inspiration only. See my "Dandelyon's Readings" page if you have questions.

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