December 15th, 2017

Polychrome Wizard

Moving forward, one bit at a time: I have a Patreon now!

So, I now have a paid DreamWidth account and have set up one final import. There's not a lot that I expect to change here except that I'll get all my icons imported. Sadly, DW isn't set up to import photos hosted on LJ, so the old posts will lose their photos. It's imperfect, but it's the best I can do. I will not give money to people who not only imposed objectionable TOS on people, but did it without warning and made it impossible to even back up your blog to another site without pressing that "agree" button.  Next, I will see about crossposting without using LJ as an intermediary.

Also, as I noted during the last readings, I've set up a Patreon. Naturally, shortly after I did that, Patreon decided to change how they charge people, which caused a lot of uproar. Unlike the GOP, the people running Patreon listened to their Creators and Patrons and changed their minds, sending out an e-mail this morning. But until that happened, I felt weird about asking my old and new friends to send me one or more dollars, knowing that Patreon had said they would be charging patrons more than the pledged amount.

But now, that is no longer the case, so instead of saying, "I'm aware of this and will be investigating other options", I can simply invite you along for the adventure.

So, with butterflies in my stomach, here it is:  Deirdre's Patreon.

I just put up a second free post, and will add some more Patrons Only posts soon.

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