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color me meme

  1. What is your favorite color?     All of them.  Deep forest green and rich dark purple if I have to choose, followed by all bright and bold and beautiful colors, blues and pinks and greens and purples first, then reds and yellows and oranges and rich browns.  Black and white are OK as colors, but very bad as metaphors.  I don't even like "black, white, and grey" as metaphors, usually, because most of the time I think there are many, often widely varied, "good" options to choose between, and people who talk about "black and white" tend to mean there's just one good option that EVERYONE must follow because the rest are bad.  Besides, we are all different.  The best option for me may not be a good option for you at all, and vice versa.

  2. Which color is most represented in the clothes you wear?  BrightBlues and purples.  Though I've got a good bit of black for work, and some black t-shirts because the print on them is awesome. 

  3. Which color is least represented in the clothes you wear?  Drab.  Brown beige and white in particular-- those were my high school uniform colors, and I had enough of them to last a lifetime.

  4. Which colors do you use for decorating your home?  Right now, plaster- and primer- colors.  I wish I thought I'd have sufficient time and energy to change that soon.  But, in theory, probably more blues than anything else.  And I like natural, rich wood colors.

  5. Do you prefer plain ("purple") or fancy ("aubergine") color terms?  I mostly use plain terms.  My theory is that my mind has always made leaps that others sometimes have trouble following without confusing them with arcane vocabulary.  (And never mind that sometimes I use a word because it's just the best word for my meaning, and don't realize that the person I'm talking to would say it was an obscure word.) My thought is that I'd rather find a meeting of minds, even if the result is that we agree to disagree.  Especially if the result is that we can agree cordially to disagree.  Understanding people who are different from you can lead to respect. 

  6. How much do colors affect you?  If I'm paying attention to them, a lot.  But if I'm focused on something, it's the ideas or sounds or colors in my head that are primary.
What about you?


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