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So many stories, so little time

Jim Hines posted about writing fiction on his lunch hour. I was doing that pretty regularly (with varying amounts of success) until the building where I work opened an exercise room. For people who work there, it's free, and it's right there. Even better, it has a reclining bike, so I've been able to work on strengthening my creaky old knees without having my weight on them.

This has been a good thing for my knees, and for my ability to do stairs. It's not such a good thing for my writing time, however, since now when I get home and some bit of housework that's been undone and bugging the heck out of me presents itself, I'm better able to do the crouching or stair-climbing needed to work at it. Which, of course takes up time that I might have used writing.

Inevitably, this leads to more dust inhaled, which in turn means my allergies act up, which means a tireder Deirdre who doesn't sleep as well as when the allergies and asthma are not acting up.

Complicating this, I obtained a have-a-heart trap, and we caught not one but four squirrels coming into my house. (I hope I didn't cause a problem for one or more of the homeowners near one of the parks out by the car dealerships...) They had a nest behind the siding off the porch that is accessed from the bedroom window, so we've had a handyman clearing it out and fixing the damage done by the critters, thus spreading other allergens in a space I can't really avoid using. I've had to increase my use of the "as-needed" allergy meds to their full dose, and still am feeling the effects.

Although I'm glad to be getting these other things done, it has not been good for my writing process. The past several weeks, I'd get an idea and exercise during lunch, come home and run off to eliminate a squirrel or hunt for a new-to-me car or buy plywood or...well, anything but write, come home to eat dinner and realize I'm brain dead and better take my asthma medicine and go to bed.


There's a girl who loves unicorns who wants me to finish her story, and a new little old lady who has a story to tell me, and a man who's waiting for his new license to arrive and make him legally female so he can get married, and ...

Too bad I can't do some of this other stuff while writing!


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Oct. 4th, 2012 01:37 pm (UTC)
I'd actually suggest getting a dust mask or medical mask, to help reduce the amount of allergens getting into your airways. If it's this much of a problem, after all.
Oct. 4th, 2012 02:12 pm (UTC)
At some point, writing has to take FIRST chair, and not be forever regulated to second. When everything else takes priority (and not saying they are unworthy!) it's never going to change.

This is a hard lesson I learned a while back. When I put something ahead of writing, it had better be damned important, and of a finite nature. :)
Oct. 4th, 2012 07:13 pm (UTC)
We used to have an issue with upper respiratory allergies. For us, at least, raw local honey worked wonders. (However, even if it does end up working for you, it's a slow solution.)

As for the writing, I hear ya. We used to do it on the commute. Now that I'm funemployed, I actually find myself doing so much art and comics for cons and commishes that I haven't actually WRITTEN fiction in a while. A bummer, but the best kind of bummer to have! (I also have a schedule on my wall; I try to treat art like my job, which helps.)

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