wyld_dandelyon (wyld_dandelyon) wrote,

Fantasy, Bright and Dark on #sffwrtcht at 8:00 Central

So, @BryanThomasS originally said he couldn't do a chat on Halloween, and he was suggesting a roundtable on horror.  But there's so much more to Halloween than horror (even if we ignore that it's Samhain).  There are many aspects of magic (and even death) that are beautiful, inspiring, or mysterious instead of merely horrible or panic-inducing.  So I volunteered to run the chat.

Then one of his guests needed to change dates and claimed October 31, so he bumped me up a week, which means I'm hosting #sffwrtcht today!

Here are some of the questions we may discuss:
  • As writers, are we living out our childhood dreams, telling the stories of the heroes, villains, fairies and witches that once we embodied in costume and play?
  • What was your favorite costume? Do you write about characters like that?
  • What was your most memorable Halloween experience?
  • What new heroes, villains, or fantasy characters have you discovered since you grew up?
  • What have you learned about storytelling from Halloween?
I hope you'll join us!

If you want to suggest any additional questions or share your own stories/thoughts ahead of time (or after the fact), here's a great place to do so.
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