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It's Muse Fusion time, despite overtime and the TV breaking for no reason and other things that trouble my ability to tune out the real world and concentrate on creating an imaginary one. But still, I got something done and will now retire to dream up the next story! You're welcome to stop by and leave a silly prompt or three http://torn-world.livejournal.com/149893.html (or, I suppose, some serious prompts, if you want).  In the meantime, here's the first draft of my Muse Fusion freebie this month:

A Torn World poem by Deirdre Murphy

The night had been clear, stars sparkled overhead.
Akaalekirth and Lereterli hung hammocks outside
To watch the moons and the stars wheel overhead
And to tell each other outrageous stories
Without waking the baby.

They fell asleep, breathing sweet air
Scented by rainforest flowers and fruits.
Suddenly, the earth shook the huge hometrees
Fuchsia Tribe’s houses creaked, waking parents
to comfort wailing children.

Akaalekirth felt her hammock quiver around her
She could hear human and animal sounds of alarm
“What’s happening?” Her voice shook.
“Earthquake” Lerleterli answered.
“Tie your hammock closed.”

Akaalekirth reached for the ties, paused
“Shouldn’t we head to the ground?”
Rreisali poked her head out the window
“Orlano is going to look at the ocean—
You girls stay put!”

It took a long time to knot the thick fibers
But Akaalekirth obediently tied rope after rope
Suddenly, she laughed—when had she stopped rebelling?
Of course, she mused, this family offered her
Respect and welcome.

“What’s so funny?” Lereterli sounded annoyed.
“I didn’t even ask why, I just tied myself in.”
Akaalekirth laughed again. “I wasn’t like that before.”
Lereterli hissed, “Hush—do you hear that?”
It was just surf—but too loud!

“When it comes, hold your breath!”
Akaalekirth breathed in to ask for an explanation
Then the water was there, filling the air
Their home tree shook and bent,
She had no time to scream.

The water pulled Akaalekirth against the knots
And then back again, trying to drag her to sea
In the surge, one of the strong new ropes broke
The water rushed back out of the rainforest.
It left her hanging upside down.

She was soaked, with rope burns all over.
The house was ruined, half of it gone to sea.
“Lereterli?” Akaalekirth twisted to find the other hammock—
Had her new sister survived the flood?
And Rreisali and the baby?

Then she heard the baby coughing
She started to swing and turn in the hammock
The motion made her stomach feel sick
But it let her see her sister, her family, safe
Except Lereterli’s father.

Lereterli was curled like a lizard in her hammock.
Rreisali was tied to the trunk of the hometree
Her beautiful hair tangled like a mask over her face.
She stroked the baby’s face through the netting
That held him to her.

Akaalekirth realized the sun was rising.
The light glinted off of fish stranded in the treetops
And several trees over, a tentacled monster thrashed,
Breaking tree limbs and shattering a bridge
As it bled to death.

While Akaalekirth hung upside down
Lereterli untied her hammock and then her mother
Orlano returned with more of the tribe.
He had many cuts and his left arm was splinted,
But at least he was alive.

“Good thing you all stayed in the tree,” Orlano smiled,
“If you were down there, you could have been drowned
Or swept to sea.” She asked, “Does this happen often?”
“No. Maybe once in a generation,” he said, then frowned.
“But it happened last year.”

Akaalekirth was very glad when they got her free,
The fresh fish and drowned goose feast cheered her too.
But not even the prospect of monster for dinner
Could please her as much as being sure
Her chosen family was safe.

If you want to read more stories about these two girls, look here: http://www.tornworld.net/fiction.php?id=26


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Apr. 28th, 2013 05:03 pm (UTC)
You can still watch DVDs on your computer, can't you?
And is there a library you can borrow them from?

Apr. 28th, 2013 10:42 pm (UTC)
The TV stopped working right before the new Dr. Who episode
Someday there will be a way to borrow that, but not today.
Apr. 28th, 2013 11:01 pm (UTC)
If you can wait a year or two,
you'll be able to watch the whole season
without waiting a week between episodes...
Apr. 29th, 2013 01:11 am (UTC)

What I _can_ do has nothing to do with it. I _can_ live without seeing it at all.

However, I enjoy not hearing spoilers before I've seen the episodes, which inevitably happens if I don't see them when they come out. In contrast, I really don't find watching them all at once to be an improvement over seeing them once a week.
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