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New Moon Readings

I'm going to try something different this time around.  ( Being a New Moon, it should be a good time to experiment.)

I have a Tarot post due at my Patreon, but between the work I'm doing to try to get better elected officials into office, some totally unnecessary interpersonal drama, and my head full of the work in progress, I open a blank page to write about Tarot and it stays blank..  I'm also getting ready to perform at the 19th Street Coffeehouse in their Midwinter Talent Contest on Saturday, I've got a Writer's Group meeting on Sunday, and a sick cat who needs extra care in his old age.  So, I've lots of non-Tarot things cluttering my brain, and I'm finding that I don't seem to have any handy topic-hooks handy for a proper reasonable-sized post.  (I know there's lots of possible hooks, they're just evading me.)

So, instead of free readings, I propose the following:

  • Anyone who poses at least one question/topic about Tarot, writing, music, art, or some other creative thing I do can request a card.
  • If you don't want a card, you can still ask a question or suggest a topic (or more than one), and receive my thanks for your kindness.
  • All of my Patrons over on Patreon can ask for a card, and people who are Patrons specifically for my Tarot work get two.  Just remind me.  Please feel free to ask a question or suggest a topic if you want, but it's not required of patrons.
  • Anyone who tips can also get a card whether or not they pose a question or topic hook.  The guitar case below is my personal PayPal link, featuring my own artwork, which still inspires me even though it isn't Tarot-related. 
  • Patrons, people who have tipped, and people who have signal boosted (for this draw or for my Patreon) can ask a clarifying question after I do their reading, and I will draw another card for you.
  • I am continuing to offer a five-card reading for $25, or if you want a larger reading we can discuss costs.  
As always, new friends and old are very welcome.

About the readings,

You may ask about real life or a creative project, even for a character you play in a game. I can draw a card for you to meditate on, to represent the Guide you need right now, or to get you unstuck. I can draw a card for your protagonist or villain, or can draw a card or cards for you to use as writing or art prompts, and I can modify a more-traditional five-card spread into a prompt for a story focusing on plot or characters or a little of both. Let me know if you have any particular request.

You can pick from my decks, including the Brian Froud's Faeries Oracle, the Daughters of the Moon Tarot (one of the round decks), or the Shapeshifter Tarot. If you want a Guide to companion you in the new year or the holidays, the Susan Seddon Boulet or Fairies Oracle both work well. If you don't pick a deck, I might pick from any of the decks available to me (I have a whole shelf of them).

I understand all too well that when people don't have cash or spoons that is generally when they most need inspiration. Don't be afraid to ask for a card if you can't tip--just let me know some topic or question you'd like me to post about.  

If you're not a Patron, and I use your question for a patrons-only post, I will privately share that post with you as a thank-you.  If I use it for a public post, I'll reply with the link.

When you tip, it's helpful to me for you to mention it here so I can connect your Paypal information with your request. Tips should be at least $2 (Paypal charges fees). If Paypal doesn't work for you, drop me a message and we'll work something out.

I will reply to all requests, though with the contest and writers group this weekend, there may be a little delay, depending on when I see your post.

Thank you, and Blessed Be.

Status: Open!   I plan to leave this post open through Sunday night.

As always, while I work hard to offer insight and inspiration, all I can legally promise is entertainment. See my "Dandelyon's Readings" page if you have questions.

This entry was originally posted at https://wyld-dandelyon.dreamwidth.org/451094.html. Be welcome to comment wherever you prefer, but be warned that LJ has not, under the new management, been sending me notifications of comments. I will check LJ periodically, but life being what it is, commenting on DW will likely get you a faster response.


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Jan. 20th, 2018 01:28 am (UTC)
No card reading necessary. Simply wishing you time to breathe deeply and relax for a few minutes each day; and the peace of mind that comes from long minutes of deep meditation (even if you've only found those few deep-breathing minutes--or only managed to think of one).

Best wishes with your ailing kitty.

"Knock 'em over!" at the Talent Contest.

And remember: the words WILL come. Some times they just love to play hide 'n seek, you know. But they'll come back home again to you.
Jan. 21st, 2018 11:07 am (UTC)
Thank you!

I'm over at DreamWidth under the same username; LJ isn't sending me e-mail notifications promptly, and I don't like their new user agreement. If they decide to take away this account, I want to be sure you can find me!

But I'm happy to see you wherever we find each other.
Jan. 21st, 2018 10:29 pm (UTC)
Your posts always make me smile to know you're around and doing your Cool Things (even at a dreamsworth of remove. ;-)

I'm having difficulty lately with depression that has me playing with too much hermit isolation. Not posting or commenting like I used to. Trying to work my way through and back, though. Maybe I'll manage to visit my LJ-absent friends over there at DW too, once I kick this nonsense.

Take care and be well, dear Lady D.
Jan. 22nd, 2018 09:46 am (UTC)
I'm so sorry depression is isolating you. Depression is really hard.

Still, I will encourage you to set up a DW account and start to read things there. The code is so very similar to LJ that there really isn't anything new to learn--it's easier than adjusting to FB changing stuff all the time. And reading things there might help pull you out of the mire just a little bit.

Also, with a free account, you can back up your posts from LJ easily, and a backup is a good thing.

Oh, and if you do FB, my partner took a video of my performance at the talent contest. The quality of the recording isn't great, but it is better than she feared it would be.

Oh, hey, even if you're not on FB, you can probably view it via this link: https://www.facebook.com/mystique.muse/videos/1919609391400145/
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