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Irish Fest Quest

Yesterday, we went on a quest. See, Mystique bought me a ring years ago, a goddess/tree of life that, at first glimpse, resembled a stylized owl's head. I lost it a while back when we went to see Tammy Baldwin speak.

We got it from the artist at Bastille Days, but the last time we saw the artist there, he told us had decided to only come to Milwaukee for Irish Fest. I really wanted to replace the ring, but was stymied because I couldn't remember his name and didn't have contact information for him.

So, yesterday's quest was to see if he was still, after all these years, showing work at Irish Fest, since I had no clue how else to try to find him. We peered at the map near one of the beer stalls, and a gentleman suggested we head to the far north of the fest grounds.

We did indeed find some beautiful jewelry there, but not the artist we were looking for. So then we walked all the way to the south end, where we found beautiful music, but not the artist we were looking for. I was disappointed, because we thought we had found all the little clusters of artists.

So we headed toward the band some of our friends planned to watch, but on the way we found a building with more people selling stuff. So it was that at the far end of the last group of sellers, we found him--and he remembered us!

Of course, he hasn't sold that particular ring for years, so he didn't have one with him. But he remembers it and can have more made. I tried on a ring with a similar shape, for size, and he made a note of it.

So, now when he gets home, he is going to send a picture to make sure we're talking about the same ring, and he will have one cast for me. He warned it would take a while, and I should be persistent about checking back with him until I get it. But I will be able to get a replacement!

It took a while to find our friends in the crowd. That happened with the help of a lured pokestop. It's amazing how much I've come to appreciate having virtual landmarks in crowded places. I'm also finding a lot more of the art and historical monuments around me because of the silly game. That virtual landmark thing.

A little later I went on a separate quest, hoping to find food I could trust not to make me sick, and totally failed. I hadn't thought that would be so hard, but the two places I'd found that could feed me at Summerfest weren't there for Irish Fest.

But I knew I had food at home, and the quest I thought was less likely was successful, so overall I'm pleased.

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