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Gardening is Ongoing

So, I’ve been busy outside, pulling weeds, digging and loosening soil, adding compost in places, mixing all the weed clippings into the compost pit to make more compost, and slowly adding the plants I grew inside or seeds to various places.

I got the last of the cucumber seedlings in the ground outside today.

I spent some time digging up day lilies that are crowding our roses (I'll be doing that a lot, if I stay healthy enough, so if anyone local wants day lilies, let me know). (Actually, anyone where it’s reasonable to mail some, day lilies are really hard to kill and would likely survive being tossed in a box unceremoniously.)

I gave away some more tomato seedlings too. I still have a bunch of volunteer tomatoes to give away, and probably a few brandywine or other heirloom tomatoes too. If you're local and interested, let me know. And purple ruffles basil too. (The basil might also survive being mailed; it’s a lovely plant that reliably seeds itself every year.)

I have some pea plants that are flowering, and at least one bean seeding has broken out of the ground, though I have a lot of spots still to weed and plant more of the lovely purple pole beans.

I dug up three tiny rowan trees, because My Angel is sad that we had to cut the last old rowan down. I don’t know if we have an outdoor place to put any of them, so I suggested maybe she could learn to make one of them into a bonsai. We’ll see what she decides to do. (One of them almost looks like a tiny bonsai already; I suspect she mowed it down for a year or three).

I also found two volunteer rose plants in the lawn, one out of the way enough that we’ll probably leave it where it is, and one that I dug up. Two days later, it looks as healthy as it did in the yard, so I’m pretty sure it will survive until we decide where to put it. The volunteers I found in the garden a few years ago are now taller than knee-high and at least one of them has flower buds—we’ll finally get to see what color roses it will grow!

One of the tomatoes that overwintered may not survive being put outside, but the rest are doing well, as are the seedlings I planted outside so far. A different overwintered tomato is already flowering!

My Angel weeded one of the garden plots and planted acorn squash and bush bean seeds. The next morning, one part of that line had been thoroughly dug up, probably by the squirrels. We got out the remaining chicken wire and made a little wire tent over that area, which will remain until we have seedlings and need to put in the tomato cages.

So, we’ve been keeping busy outside. I have hopes that we can get a lot done there this year, if we remain healthy, since there won’t be any summer trips or cons to interrupt things.

How’s your garden growing, whether it’s a literal place with plants or something else? This entry was originally posted at https://wyld-dandelyon.dreamwidth.org/455696.html. Be welcome to comment wherever you prefer, but be warned that LJ has not, under the new management, been sending me notifications of comments. I will check LJ periodically, but life being what it is, commenting on DW will likely get you a faster response.
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