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Out of Cope!

I haven’t said much about the MAGA terrorists’ attack on our capital. While I was watching that, I got a notice that a prescription was ready, and Mystique went out to get in the car and go get it, and found that someone had walked up on our property and broken a window in the car. They rifled through the papers in the glove compartment and either did or didn’t look in the trunk (the potting soil that’s been there for a while because it’s heavy and the insulated shipping thingies I store there to put groceries in, to keep warm things warm or cold things cold, depending on the season). My gloves were still on the dashboard.

I wouldn’t even be sure they’d rifled through the glove compartment except the registration and some other papers were on the passenger seat. They didn’t even take Mystique’s handicap parking card.

While I was out looking to see if there was other damage, a neighbor came out to his car, so I asked him if he’d seen anyone messing with our car. He said no, but that he’d seen the broken window “two or three days ago” and “he thought we knew about it”. He thought we knew about it when it’s been snowing on and off and we never even put a trash bag over the gap to protect the upholstery? Really? wtf?

So, watching vandalism in our capital, I called the insurance company to report vandalism here, and found that the window isn’t currently in stock, so we have to wait for Tuesday to get our window replaced. Now, having some idiot break a car window isn’t a new experience for me (sadly), but the combination, well, it didn’t inspire me to want to talk about either one.

And this happened, of course, after the furnace needed repairs on New Year's Eve, which were not completed before all the stores closed, so I woke up to still-no-heat on the new year, accompanied by surprise-no-power and wake-up-too-early-because-cpap-needs power. And the furnace problem was accompanied by smoke/soot in the house, which was not a good for my lungs, since even without a broken furnace, heating season is my worst time, allergy-wise.

Then today, I got a late e-mail notification that my order from nuts.com had been delivered. I’d been looking out on the porch pretty regularly—it’s become a habit, both to watch the stray cats eat the cheap cat food we’ve been putting out and to watch for packages (and some Yule gifts _still_ haven't arrived)—and didn’t see a thing. Still, I went to look. No box. I looked at the e-mail more closely. They said they delivered it to the back door—wtf? Nobody goes to the back door here. I have never, ever, gotten a delivery to the back door. I look there anyway. No box.

The e-mail informed me it was “delivered” by FedEx. We keep on having trouble with Fedex leaving things at the wrong house—but until today, they never claimed delivery to the back door. The e-mail was sent from nuts.com at 9:26 pm. It says Fedex delivered shortly before 7. Of course, when I tried to call FedEx, there was no one to talk to me, and Nuts.com was sensibly closed for the night.

I’m all upset right now. It would have been lovely to have my chocolate covered ginger and the other items in that box for the Festival of the Living Rooms this weekend, of course, but normally such a thing wouldn’t feel like such a big deal. It’s just that it happened on top of everything else, and now I’ll have to make phone calls tomorrow and likely fill out some kind of loss claim pixel forms, and I’m apparently out of cope. This entry was originally posted at https://wyld-dandelyon.dreamwidth.org/457125.html. Be welcome to comment wherever you prefer, but be warned that LJ has not, under the new management, been sending me notifications of comments. I will check LJ periodically, but life being what it is, commenting on DW will likely get you a faster response.
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