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Welcome, to friends new and old!

It's really very cool to know I'm not just talking to the electronic equivalent of a wall. Thanks for friending me, and for reading.

I'd love it, if you're willing to share, to hear what drew you here.

And in return, I'll offer to answer questions. I can't promise to answer quickly (some questions deserve thinking before typing), and there's things that aren't mine to share, but I do promise to respond to all of my friends' questions.


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(Deleted comment)
Jan. 21st, 2009 07:57 pm (UTC)
It was definitely through Elizabeth Barrett, though I didn't see your interview of her. I'll stick it into the back of my brain as a thing to go read some day when I don't have my head full of the plot issues that have been holding up my shifter story; E. Bear's recent posts on writing POC finally got my thoughts stirred to the point of satori, and instead of knowing my soon-to-be murder victim was smuggling something, but not sure what, and having 3 or 4 very sketchy suspects that avoided scrutiny, I now know a bunch of things he's into, a new-to-me heresy, a list of the villain's unsavory activities, a sister I didn't know about, thoughts on physiology and genetics, thoughts on twins that mean a rewrite of scenes already written, brief notes on far-off sailors' customs, some idea of how many accomplices in unsavory things my villain must have, and at least a dozen people with motive to kill him, some of which I already have in the story, but may need to add the proper foreshadowing.* Oh, an a need to put a birthing scene, early in the book, to establish or at least hint at certain cultural and physiological issues that so much of this turns on.

My head is happily cluttered right now! (-:

Thanks for your words. Balance is important for so many reasons. Though presenting just one side of an issue is more likely to get people stirred enough to comment, and I like conversation. But the world isn't linear, and is multi-faceted, and that complexity fascinates me.

Hm...you didn't actually ask a question. What about being a singer/songwriter would you like to hear about? Writing? Performing? Something else?


*(I can write run-on sentences, yes I can.)
Feb. 3rd, 2009 12:35 pm (UTC)
Well hello there. You found me, so the question does not apply. I can't promise to comment often, or regularly, but I do comment. And I post, as you've undoubtedly noticed. A lot. You'll now be able to see quite a few more as I've added you to a filter or two.
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