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Hibernating Moon

I feel like just curling into a warm bed and waiting until the world is warm and bright, or at least not so cold and dark. If I could have chosen a time to be out of work, just about any time would have been preferable. Job hunting is just SO much fun, after all, that I need to do it in snow and frigid cold, just to keep me from over-enthusiasm--not!

Having to think about what I want in a job, and interviewing skills, and all the other stuff related to job searching has also pretty well distracted me from writing, for the last few days, besides, which is doubly annoying since I finally figured out about a dozen reasons why various characters would have a motive to kill my soon-to-be murder victim, so I can have my good guys overhear pertinent things. Thank goodness I wrote down all my thoughts about what he has been up to during my lunch hour, instead of going to the bank during my lunch hour, on what turned out to be my last day of work.

So, new moon. The new moon is traditionally a time for beginnings, definitely what is called for in this situation; here's hoping that things work out for the better!

I reached the last of the people I wanted to list on my references list today, and got some new, respectable-looking shoes. And did a bunch of thinking as to what I want out of a new job, and also about how to phrase things when talking to people; mental rehearsals do help. And my sister suggested looking at u-tube for updos. I figure tomorrow I need to start making phone calls. And find or buy some barrettes & other hair things.

Once I get the mundane job search process well underway, I'll start considering possible ways to make at least a bit of money online; to that end, if there's anything that I do or sell that someone out there wants to buy, please let me know.


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