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Drifting Moon

Today was warm--almost 60--and windy, the huge piles of snow were melting. If it wasn't so darn wet, I could have turned the compost, or otherwise worked to prepare the garden for spring, but just walking across the lawn caused squishy noises. If I still had a job, I'd have spent my lunch hour out in the park singing, despite the wind, but that didn't seem so inviting in my yard.

The headhunter has no interviews for me, so I did errands, got cat food and paid bills and other not-very-exciting things. Did a little poetry. Got some tax papers with the tax stuff. Finally got Sunday's paper, and read the very sparse want ads.

Since the new moon post, I've made inroads at organizing the attic, gotten the last of this years herbs bagged and labeled, and most of the neglected herbs from last year off their stems and into a bag for the Rangoli (sorted by color), if I can make it back to Sacred Harvest Fest this year; if not, they'll keep until next year, I suppose. (If I don't have a job, I doubt I'll have money to make it, and if I do, I may or may not be able to negotiate vacation time to go. Sigh.) I also got the dining room cleaned up and the furniture moved into a more useful configuration, though it's now covered in old computers and parts and papers that need to be sorted (and some tossed) so I keep what's useful and have all I need to do taxes; I got the sales tax form done (thanks [info]mdlbear for the needed reminder) and started to figure out things like what to do with my poor, depleted 401K, and buy a suit and new shoes (and, ugh, hose), and start to look for someone to trim my hair.

I got rewrites done for all the chapters of Shifter I have so far, and added 1000 words. I looked at some market info for stories. And I've worked to be sure that food gets cooked and leftovers eaten, and am considering what else I can do to be frugal. Unless I get a job real fast, I need to focus on vegetables for the garden this year; I'll need to figure where I can set up flats indoors soon, since I have a lot of old seeds, if some sprout and grow, that is, in itself, a good thing, but if I want any significant amount of food from the garden, I have to know if the seeds are too old in time to buy new ones.

I still feel like I'm drifting, despite my efforts to get things done. Maybe that's inevitable, since a job affects so many things, and right now I can't predict when I'll have one or what I'll find.

Soon, although I'm not eligible to receive unemployment until after the severance pay and accrued sick and vacation days run out, I need to apply with them, so they can do their part of things and I get the first check in a timely fashion.  And there are doubtless still people I have to notify of the address change...

But all that must wait until tomorrow.  I've already got a to-do list, so it's time to hop into the tub and then the bed.


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Feb. 11th, 2009 08:26 am (UTC)
Craigslist and other online ad sites might be better for job ads than the newspaper(s).
Feb. 11th, 2009 09:04 am (UTC)
They're sparse too! But thanks for the suggestion.
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