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New Venture Moon

Today is SF&F Writer's Day. I'm hoping it's an auspicious day to start this new venture.

I've been thinking that, since I'm still out of work, I should venture into cyberfunded creativity/crowdfunding, and see what happens. Reading haikujaguar  and shadesong  and ysabetwordsmith , and seeing how they interact with their readers, I realized I have both sat down alone to write a story, and sat around a table telling a story for people who were participating, as characters, in my world. But I really haven't tried writing with kibitzers, so I'm going to try an experiment, and you are all invited to kibitz, to ask questions, make suggestions, make comments, and so on.

I have a story snippet that I think will do for a start, but initially I'm going to post a short-short to introduce you a bit to the world. This is the world that the novel I'm working on is set in, but will be a different story.

And there will be a donate button; if you enjoy, please let me know--and please let your friends know everyone is welcome. Please don't give more than you can afford, and thanks for reading.
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