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Fireborn Table Of Contents (and Extras)

Welcome to a world where humans have a variety of different shapes.  Some can fly, some can breathe water, some can hang from trees by their tails alone.  All are related, all are human.  And some, born to each shape, can work magic, and are called fireborn.

Flash fiction in the world of the fireborn:

The Mountain's Fire and The Fireborn Puppetmaker

Fireborn is an ongoing serialized novel.  Links are below, in order.

Wings on His Fingers
A Small Complication
Healer's Work 
Coral Under Water 
Fiery Sunrise 
Wakey, Wakey with Water
Berries and Stories
Koli and Conversation
Truths and Rumors
I'll Show Her
Your Son Bewitched My Daughter
Worried Parents
Seeking Skimmer
I appreciate it, all right!
Handful of Maybes
Private Conversations
Miserable Morning
Children and Chores
Too Quiet
Dragon Skips Dinner
Echoes of Reality
Footprints in the Sand
Whispers, Worries, and Woes
Cold Words, Cold Stones
Scared and Hungry
Black Berries and Butterfish
Homecoming, With Tea
A Thread of Hope

For My Fans  (who comment on the story):  Background information.

Dramatis Personae to help you keep track of who is who.  If you can't access this, leave me a comment and I'll add you to the filter.

There is also special content, viewable only by people who sponsor Fireborn.  

The first donor-only bonus is a bit of story showing a glimpse of the time before people were adapted to the different ecosystems.   Butterfly Dream - A Peek At The Distant Past

General information:

In case I don't repeat it in every fiction post, I'd really like to hear from you! Questions are welcome, or if you enjoyed it but don't have a specific comment, even a smiley. If you're not signed in to LiveJournal, please identify yourself, it's pleasant to know who I'm talking with.  Oh, and I'd love to know how you found me! 

If you enjoy my work, and can afford it, there's a donation button so you can sponsor me--the more I make doing this, the more time I will spend on it. (I've been laid off since January, so I have to consider practicalities.) Please remember that PayPal takes a cut of each donation, and the smaller the donation, the higher PayPal's percentage works out to be. Please don't donate less than $1. If the button isn't working, or if you don't want to use PayPal, send me a message.

Finally, please feel free to friend me, and to refer my stories to your friends.

Thank you for reading!
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