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Like (</a></b></a>mdlbear), my life has been much out of balance for far too long.  A lot of this is finances.  When the Weed took office in the white house, my finances were comfortable.  Barely, there were too many times I had to choose between things that really mattered to me, but I didn't feel as if my life were precarious.  I was able to put more into my 401K than the minimum needed to get the company's half-matching contribution to it.  I believed I would be able to pay for materials, and, when needed, expert manpower, for renovating my house.  And I was looking at trying to get to more cons & fests.  Now is quite a different story.  I really wish I could go to Minicon, but the gas money isn't doable.  Never mind hotel and membership and eating out.  Sigh.

Kathy Mar said it best, one time when I started to say, "I know money doesn't make you happy" and stopped, at a loss for words.  She said, "but not having enough money can make you miserable".  Too, too true.

Or maybe Julia Ecklar "how can I find balance with no ground beneath my feet"?

In other areas, some of them, anyway, balance is a bit better than in recent  years.  I've been doing a little songwriting; and having fish in bright tanks, proving both light and "wild" natural behavior to stare at (and fish fry swimming happily by the bed) seems to help the winter-induced lethargy significantly.  It's amazing how much babies can cheer a person, even if they're tiny and cold-blooded and not the least bit cuddly.  (Though upon turning the light in the tank on late one night, I saw that baby fish do, at least sometimes, sleep in a "puppy pile".  Maybe it's just the huge, warm-blooded hairy monster that doesn't inspire them to cuddle.)

But I keep on wishing for more money or more time, or better yet, both. 

There's people going past our offices, chanting something, like a protest march I can't hear through the windows.  Wonder what's up?  (I went to look, but all that I can see now is multiple squad cars hanging out.  All my co-workers could tell me is that the protesters, if that's what they were, were on bicycles.) 

Oh, well, off to my tax appointment.  Didn't realize I was making it for Equinox when I made it...


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