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Crow Moon

Windy Moon, Sap Moon, Sleepy Moon, Moon when eyes are sore from bright snow.  As I sit here, the snow is falling more horizontally than vertically.  The sun is well-buried behind blowing snow and the clouds producing it.  This Full Moon in March will rise over a day of predicted thundersnows, and they are predicting up to 15 inches of snow here in Milwaukee.  This only a few days after the Mayor said he was giving us all a two-week deadline to clean up the solids left on our lawn after the snow part of the “snow and trash lasagne” had (mostly) melted.  With snow predicted for next week too, I guess he’ll have to extend the deadline!

Seeing <lj user=”cadhla”> ’s plans for the weekend makes me wish I had similar ones.  I’ve decided that I should make an outline and try writing from that, since so many of my projects get stalled in the “what happens next” middle-of-the-story stage.  And I’ve done some storytelling exercises showing I’m at least reasonably adept at getting a story that a previous person in the story derailed back on track when I have a clear idea where it’s going.

The problem is that I hate outlining.  Always have. 

Well, that’s the problem when I’m looking at it only from the writing angle, anyway.  Having some of my radiators freeze last winter, leading to me doing far too much soldering (and un-soldering, and re-soldering) of radiators; working on plumbing; working on the downstairs bathroom walls and floors; needing to lay concrete in the basement so the stairs can be repaired, which means taking up old, rotted wood and digging the hole the concrete is to go in…  Oh, and groceries, and meals, and ferrying the teenager around, and paying bills, and going to the bank and doing other errands…  Never mind reading, relaxing, or a social life.  Or music…  And then there’s sleep.  And work, without which I can’t pay the bills so as to have a computer to write upon or a place to keep art supplies and instruments. 

Oh, And today, tonight, and tomorrow, there’s snow that needs shoveling.  I guess Mother Nature didn’t think I was busy enough!


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