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A while back I stumbled onto wheresgeorge.com.  What a cool idea.  Enter the serial number of  your dollar bill and see where it's been.  It would be a LOT cooler if more people did it, however!

Today my computer told me it's 50 out, so I put the guitar on my back and went out into the sunshine.  It was glorious, except that the park is still covered with part of the foot+ of snow that fell last week, and the plaza had a wicked non-stop wind.  I suppose I could have stood on the sidewalk, but it wasn't quite warm enough for that to sound appealing, and I'm much better sitting than standing. 

Walking to the plaza meant walking by my bank's drive-though window, where I waved at the friendly teller who saves me $2 bills and bills stamped by where's George folks.  So I traded some cash for four bills, promised to come back on Friday for the two $20s she has, and went back to my desk to check out where they'd been.  Mostly, I'm the second person to enter a bill.  3 of the 4 had only been entered once before (in Libby MT, Saginaw, MI, and Centerview MO) but today I got something different--one hadn't been entered at all.  Or if the person who stamped it HAD entered it, they typo'd the serial number.  Sigh.

A couple of weeks ago I got my first bill that had traveled "0" miles - I entered it in the same zip code as the first and only other person to enter it.  In contrast, I think that the one that started furthest away started in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.  (Tho I have had several that spent time in Hawaii.)

I think my favorite is still the one that started in Chicago, came to me in Milwaukee, and then, months later, I got one of the web site's e-mails telling me it had just been entered in Avalon by a musician who found it in his or her tip jar.  I wonder where it is now?  And what kind of music that musician was playing at the time?


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