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Busking in Cyberland

Since I've started putting my fiction online, I've been thinking about the nature of crowdfunding. I started this series of articles because it occurred to me that this isn't the first time I've put my creative work before strangers, in the hopes that some of them would choose to become patrons of my art and support my efforts.

It's really exciting watching as other artists and writers explore different ways of sharing their work on the internet, and trying to make a living (or at least supplement their living) doing so.

Busking in Cyberland  has become an occasional series, and this post is intended to assist people who start reading later in the series to check out my other thoughts on the subject.

  1. Personal Retrospective My experiences busking in the subways of Chicago in the early 1990s
  2. You Are My Gatekeepers About publishing and publishers, and how fiction finds an audience
  3. Feed the Artist The reader is very significant to the writer, and reader response matters.
  4. Everywhere is Next Door If all websites are just one click on a url away, that's good right?  Not really.
  5. Amanda Palmer on Crowdfunding (though she doesn't use that word)  Why a traditionally-successful musician feels it's important to leave the hat out--the world is changing, and artists need to eat.
  6. It's Not a Zero-Sum Game My skills are valuable, and I want to share them.  And if I can make your day better, we both come out ahead.
  7. The New Rose and Bay Awards Awards for cyberfunded projects - fiction, art, poetry, donor, and other.




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