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Fireborn: Thank You to My Readers

red_trillium  asked if I would do a list of the people in Fireborn, as the story is a mystery of sorts, and keeping track of who's who matters.

Thanks,red_trillium , for the suggestion!

So, the Dramatis Personae is now available as a THANK YOU to my readers (defined for practical purposes as everyone who has commented on the story), and there's a link on the Table of Contents landing page, as well, so you can refer back to it later anytime you like. 

I will update the list as necessary, and also will update the filter whenever I get new comments.  (If I missed you, just let me know and I'll fix it.)

Also, on the latest chapter, I added a button to allow you to send an e-mail or otherwise let your friends know about Fireborn, if you so choose.  Feedback on this feature (at least, I hope it proves to be a feature, and not a bug) is appreciated.

Oh, my spreadsheet says that the 11 chapters I've published so far come to over 16,000 words.  The finished work will clearly be a novel by SFWA standards. 

And that doesn't count the story written for my sponsors.  (That filter gets updated too.)  Thank you all, very much.  You haven't made me rich and famous, but grocery money is very much appreciated!

Thanks, everyone, for your encouragement.  You've helped keep me writing.
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fireborn, orchid, shifter
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