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Seed Moon (but I wanted a Wildcat Moon!)

Planter’s moon, sprouting grass moon, flower moon, egg moon, seed moon.  Lots of Easter symbolism in these moon names.  I feel kind of partial to Wildcat Moon, the Choctaw designation, but this month doesn’t feel like a wildcat month to me.  Or the Cherokee, the moon when geese return in scattered formation. 

Scattered seems pretty accurate, or seed.  I have so many things I need and want to be doing, and instead, my allergies have been acting up worse than earlier in the winter (the heating season has always been worst for me, although it's ALWAYS allergy season) yet it’s been too cold to open windows except for during the day on a few work days, given how expensive heating oil has become.  And on work days I'm not home at the right time to open the windows and let old allergens out and let fresh air in before it's again significantly colder outside than in.  So I’ve remained tired and blah-to-icky feeling.  

The Saturday after new moon I had plans to get up and write, but Saturday I was feeling lousy and slept most of the day, and then Sunday I found the mess my teenager had left around the computer, and I ended up cleaning and dusting and mopping and doing chores.  Even with taking my excellent allergy medicine and the obligatory bath-after-cleaning AND retiring early, I felt like I’d poisoned myself Monday morning, groggy and headachy and grumpy.  It's not fair to feel hungover just because you were virtuous and cleaned house!   

But then winter for some years now has been a time when I’ve wished the whole world would hibernate, so I could too.  I figure I’ve got some measure of seasonal affective disorder, besides the cold-aggravated and dry air-aggravated asthma and the nasty indoor allergies.  And of course, when the allergies and asthma are bad, I don't sleep well even with the CPAP.  And being exhausted shares a lot of symptoms with depression.  Fish tanks ameliorate the SAD, to some degree, but haven’t helped me to find much of my get up and go…I still can't seem to find that until those months when I figured I could get stuff done inside, since, after all, I can’t do stuff outside, have already  got up and left.  Sigh.


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Apr. 22nd, 2008 04:22 pm (UTC)
I have wished the same thing about hibernating for the winter!! Wouldn't it be great to just hunker down in our "caves" and entertain ourselves with movies, books, musical instruments (and of course LJ!) until the spring returned?
Apr. 22nd, 2008 06:13 pm (UTC)
Oh, that sounds much more pleasant than my imagining, which was that everyone would go to sleep and there would be no need to work, pay bills, or anything until the weather was better. I guess daydreaming about a winter sleeping definitely is evidence that I've been too tired lately! But also, avoiding the need to pay for heat in the winter sounds especially attractive this year!
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