wyld_dandelyon (wyld_dandelyon) wrote,

Holiday Weekend

No real writing today, I'm working on my Aunt's Mac, with its standard keyboard on a too-high kitchen table and only a track mouse that I'm not used to.  I got in to find my Aunt was napping and my brother had retired to the sister's house where he and his dog have been staying.  

My sister was out with my girl and hers hunting school supplies since her three kids start school this week.  Her boys were with their Dad in Aunt's kitchen, all their noses in computers.  i went outside and took some pictures, and a very thin rabbit startled himself by discovering me in the yard.  

I had brought paints, planning to work on the torn world project; however, my daughter's backpack needed repairs, so instead my sister painted me while i tried to make the backpack look new and perfect again, while applying sufficient button-and-carpet thread to withstand my IB Student's  books and supplies.

Then we had dinner and played cards, and I even did get a tiny bit of painting done.  All in all, a very pleasant evening.

Though i feel lazy about the writing part

And I'll share photos when I'm on a 'puter that is more Dandelyon-friendly.
Tags: art, family, kid

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