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Desktop Wallpaper Meme

Right now I have a photo of my gorgeous daughter getting her 8th grade diploma.  She's now a Junior in HS and doing very well, but likes her privacy, so I'm not going to publish the picture.  Sorry.  But she's wearing a gorgeous (and way-grown-up--I don't think my high-school graduation dress looked that grown-up) blue dress and is wering her cords from being in the National Junior Honor Society, and a huge smile.  So is the Principal.

So were her parents and other assorted family members, though we're not in the photo.

In the past, I've had various Susan Seddon Boulet paintings, and my habit at work was to find a landscape-type picture of something that I hadn't been satisfied with my results when I tried to paint it to stare at for a while.  The one that was my desktop when I was laid off was a very rocky stream, with rocky banks, in sunlight, so I spent at least a few moments every day looking at how sun and shade and water and moss all affect how rocks (sharp rocks, smooth rocks, wet rocks, dry rocks) look.



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Sep. 25th, 2009 02:40 am (UTC)
I currently have a picture of the Temple of Artemis in Athens (I think). I got it from the internet. I am all about building a new life here in L.A. right now, so I keep finding Temple pictures to look at.
Sep. 25th, 2009 08:39 am (UTC)
I love Susan Seddon Boulet! I've got a couple of books with her prints in it. If I could find a good enough tattoo artist I'd love to get at least one of her prints as a tattoo.

I've got some photo manip'd bright/colourful irises on my desktop right now. I've got Webshots as my desktop images, stuff I've downloaded from other people and some of my stuff from my albums. It's nice to have some of my own images on my computer and to know other people like them enough to download them.
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